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    High elastic limit steels

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    Anti-wear steel

Leaders in steel market for 30 years

Corten steel, high elastic limit steels, manganese steel, construction steel, Raex wear resistant steel, steels for boilers and tanks, steels for high temperatures, protection steels and a wide range of special steels. Also, oxyfuel

After more than 30 years being leaders in the special steel market, we have a wide range of international clients such as engineering companies, manufacturers and laser cutting of custom machinery. Aceros URSSA's priority is to offer you the highest quality and trust ever. Find out why our clients trust us.

  • We provide advice on choosing the most suitable special steel for your project. We have extensive technical information on a wide range of special steel sheets: impact and tensile strength, available sheet thicknesses, surface finishes, engineering applications, Corten steel , Raex steel and oxyfuel and plasma cutting.
  • Large stock of special steel plates , in thicknesses from 1.5 mm to 400 mm and of the maximum dimensions available on the market to make large engineering pieces.
  • With large special steel warehouses in Viladecans (Barcelona) we are at your disposal for Spain, Portugal, France and the whole world.
  • URSSA ensures quick availability of steel products in stock and short terms in new rolling.
  • Each steel sheet served has its corresponding quality certificate, according to the requested Quality standard. This quality is the characteristic of our company most appreciated by our clients.

Chapas de acero especiales

Special steel plates

Large stock of special steel sheets in thicknesses between 1.5mm and 400mm and different types. Contact us for more information

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Oxicorte a medida

Custom flame cutting

We cut special steel sheets using plasma and oxyfuel. We receive your plans and cut your design to size.

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URSSA is characterized by providing the customer with a complete supply service for special materials, specifically special and construction steels. We are committed to offering quality steel, a tight delivery time of 1/2 days, our steels in Stock and a very competitive price of steel plates both locally and internationally.

Among our special steels we want to highlight this list of the best sellers and best valued by our clients:

  • High hardness or abrasion resistant steels, high Brinell hardness (HB): Urssa 300, Raex 400, Raex 450, Raex 500, Urssa 13% Mn and Urssa Bor30 among other steels with high surface hardness with 600 Hb.
  • High elastic limit steels: Strenx 700, Strenx 700 MC, S890Q, S960Q, S355 MC, S500 MC…
  • Steels for boilers and tanks: HII P265GH, Urssa A-SA516 Gr60, Urssa A-SA516 Gr70, P355, P460NH
  • Special steels for high temperatures: 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10
  • Construction steels: S355J2 + N (S355J2G3 or ST-52-3), C45 (F114), 42 CrMo4, F1430, 50Crv4 Chroma
  • Special steels for tools and molds: 16MnCr5, 25CrMo4
  • Special steels for Corten corrosion: (S355J0WP, S355J2G1W, S355J2G2W, S355J2W + N)
  • Steels for bulletproof protection: Mars 380, Mars 440, Mars 500, Mars 600, Mars 650 Other special steels

URSSA has oxyfuel and plasma cutting tools to manufacture custom-made special steel parts for small and large quality steel engineering projects. Pieces with maximum dimensions of 12 meters long are manufactured, that is, special designs of large dimensions in metallic product.

Sheet metal cutting jobs have very tight delivery times, adapting to urgent cutting of metal pieces to size. In addition, all the cuts of special steel of great thickness are reviewed manually to leave the piece free of imperfections and burrs, that is to say, you will receive your sheet design ready to machine or to use.

We offer flame cutting services in Barcelona and serve finished designs to order both in Spain and international steel orders.

It also includes Technical nomenclature, Equivalence between standards, Dimensional tolerances, Hardness table. Download the catalog in PDF format so that you can consult the technical information on special steels on your computer.

Urssa Steel Catalog

The Urssa special steels guide has technical sheets of each type of special steel detailing : chemical composition, applications, technical characteristics and mechanical characteristics.

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Large stock in steel

Have a large stock of steel sheets with thicknesses between 1.5mm and 400mm and different types (anti-wear, anti-corrosion, corten and special qualities. See información técnica de aceros especiales

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