URSSA S355J2+N. Numerous applications

Steel for metal structures, civil works, infrastructure, machinery and construction of high performance

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Soldering:  Excellent
Folded:  Excellent
Transformation:  Excellent
Mechanization:  Excellent

General specifications*

C ≤ 0,20. Mn (nota 1). P ≤ 0,045. S ≤ 0,045. Mo ≤ 0,0009. Carbono equivalente 0,40.
Rm520/620 N/mm2. ReH≥ 350 N/m2. A > 22 %. Dureza Brinell150 / 180Hb.


Structural steel not alloyed. Hot-rolling mills.

Typical applications

Pieces that require a resistance between from 52kg to 70kg and, at the same time, be easily welding and mechanicals.
For heaters In general, structures, trailers, car body, crane handling, fans, deposits, sinks, turbines, bridge, etc.


Offer good conditions for cold shaping (see rules DIN-17100). Is advisable to proceed to folded upright in the sense of lamination.


Excellent in all types and systems.

Approximate equivalences

AH-36EH-36FE-510 D1E-36-2+3A 52-D
20 M 519 Mn 5SAE 1024A 573EN 7A
AE-355-DS 335 J2 G3A 633-C

Stock Program

  • Large range of densities and formats from 2 to 200mm thickness, according to qualities.
  • Check our stock in the warehouse for each supply, as if delivery period for formats not available.
  • We also serve parts of sheet, cut in multiples lengths of 1000mm maintaining the width.
  • Oxycut of tailor-made pieces from 8 to over than 500 mm thickness.
  • We complete the range with quality S355JR and S355K2+N steel pieces.

(1) Mn Is not specified because the rule does not determine it. The manufacturesr is who applies more or less quantity to reach the appropriate mechanical characteristics.

(2) Approximate values. See rule DIN 17.100, it change according to thickness. In thickness over 100 mm the mechanical characteristics are established according to an agreement.

(3) We also have thickness until 150mm, with mechanical and resilience tests. Ask for measures.

* The specifications are illustrative. For each supply we offer a certificate with the datum of the shipment delivered.

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Oxycut on demand

Oxycut on demand

We cut your steel plates starting from your plans with absolute accuracy. An added service which allows collecting the product ready to be used.

Send us your project now.

Special steel plates

Special steel plates

Wide stock in steel plates with a thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 400mm and different types. Ask us for more information.

steel sheet corten

Steel sheet corten

Wide range of thicknesses, from 1mm to 80mm thickness. Oxcut custom made from 8mm to more than 500mm thick