URSSA C45 / F114. Good temper

Trempe acier pour moules, porte-moules, des unités hydrauliques et les éléments de la machine.

More details

Soldering:  Good
Folded:  Not admitted
Transformation:  Excelent
Mechanization:  Excelent

General specifications*

C 0,40-0,50. Mn 0,50-0,80. Si ≤ 0,40. P ≤ 0,045. S ≤ 0,035. Carbono equivalente 0,55. Cr+Mo+Mi≤ 0,63.
Rm600/750 N/mm2. ReH≥ 330 N/mm2. A 17 %. Dureza Brinell175/220Hb.

Typical applications

Machinery elements with good resistance. Hydraulic blocks, mould and portable moulds.
Good temper. It can be used for temperate induction pieces whichh require superficial hardness of 55 HRC.


Soldering steel to appropriate soldering process. It requires a controlled preheating and cooling, considering warm reduction tensions treatments after soldering. 200-250ºC preheating is recommended and long-term cooling mode.


Deficient. Shaping can be improved applying softening or globular annealing.
It's recommended to shape always in a warm way.


Specify an annealing or stabilized treatment after the oxycut to eliminate the resulting superficial hardness.

Approximate equivalences

IHA:  F-114
CENIM:  F-1140/C45 K
DIN: CK 45
SAE/AISI: 1045
BS:  080M46
UNI: 1C45

Heating treatment

Softening annealing670-710 ºCAir
Globular annealing710 ºC / 6 horas10 ºC /hour until 650ºC
670ºC / 8 horas
Normalized840 - 870 ºCAir
Temper830 - 850 ºCWater
840 - 860 ºCOil
Annealing500 - 650 ºCAir

Stock Program

  • Large range of densities and formats from 2 to 200mm thickness, according to qualities.
  • Check our stock in the warehouse for each supply, as if delivery period for formats not available.
  • We also serve parts of sheet, cut in multiples lengths of 1000mm maintaining the width.
  • Oxycut of tailor-made pieces from 8 to over than 500 mm thickness.

* The specifications are illustrative. For each supply we offer a certificate with the datum of the shipment delivered.

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Oxycut on demand

Oxycut on demand

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Special steel plates

Special steel plates

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steel sheet corten

Steel sheet corten

Wide range of thicknesses, from 1mm to 80mm thickness. Oxcut custom made from 8mm to more than 500mm thick