On this page you will find all the approximate equivalences between norms, non-alloyed structural steels (EN10025-2: 2004), fine-grained welded structural steels (EN10025-3: 2004), thermo-mechanically laminated steels (EN10025-4: 2004), steels with resistance to atmospheric corrosion (EN10025-5: 2004), alloyed and non-alloyed steels for temperature and pressure (EN10028-2: 2003), fine-grain weldable steels under normalized conditions for pressure (EN10028-3: 2003) and comparative table of international standards.

Approximate equivalence between regulations

This table of steel equivalences shows you the main regulations for naming them and the relationship between European and German regulations. This will allow you to choose the steel you need for your special designs. Later you will find more specific tables that include other international regulations for the selection of special steels.

Nº Material
EN 10027-2
DIN V17006-100
EN 10027-1
Rule EN
1.0035St 33S18510025
1.0036Ust 37-2S235JRG110025
1.0037St 37-2S235JR10025
1.0038RSt 37-2S235JRG210025
1.0044St 44-2S275JR10025
1.0050St 50-2E29510025
1.0060St 60-2E33510025
1.0070St 70-2E36010025
1.0114St 37-3 US235JO10025
1.0115K,Q,Z St 37-3 US235JOC10025
1.0116St 37-3 NS235K2G310025
1.0118K,Q,Z St 37-3 US235J2G3C10025
1.0120K,Q,Z St 37-2S235JRC10025
1.0121UQSt 37-2 (Q-Z)S235JRG1C10025
1.0122RQSt 37-2 (Q-Z)S235JRG2C10025
1.0128K,Q,Z St 44-2S275JRC10025
1.0138RoSt 44-3S275J2H10210-1
1.0140K,Q,Z St 44-3 US275JOC10025
1.0141K,Q,Z St 44-3 NS275J2G3C10025
1.0143St 44-3 US275JO10025
1.0144St 44-3 NS275J2G310025
1.0149RoSt 44-2S275JOH10210-1
1.0166St 37-3 Cu 3S235J2G3Cu10025
1.0167RSt 37-2 Cu 3S235JRG2Cu10025
1.0242StE 250-2 ZS250GD10147
1.0244StE 280-2 ZS280GD10147
1.0250StE 320-3ZS320GD10147
1.0310D 10-2C10D10016-2
1.0312St 15DC0510130
1.0313D 8-2C7D10016-2
1.0319RRStE 210.7L210GA10208-1
1.0330St 2. St 12DC0110130
1.0338St 4. St 14DC0410130
1.0347RRSt 3, RRSt 13DC0310130
1.0402C 22C 2210083-2
1.0406C 25C 2510083-2
1.0413D 15-2C15D10016-2
1.0414D 20-2C20D10016-2
1.0415D 25-2C26D10016-2
1.0429StE 290.7 TML290MB10208-2
1.0438BSt 500 SB500N10080
1.0457StE 240.7L240NB10208-2
1.0459RRStE 240.7L240GA10208-1
1,047319 Mn6P355GH10028-2
1.048117 Mn 4P295GH10028-2
1.0484StE 290.7L290NB10208-2
1.0486StE 285P275N10028-3
1.0487WStE 285P275NH10028-3
1.0488TStE 285P275NL110028-3
1.0490StE 285S275N10113-2
1.0491TStE 285S275NL10113-2
1.0493StE 285S275NH10210-1
1.0497TStE 285S275NLH10210-1
1.0501C 35C3510083-2
1.0503C 45C4510083-2
1.0511C 40C4010083-2
1.0516D 35-2C38D10016-2
1.0517D 45-2C48D10016-2
1.0518D 55-2C56D10016-2
1.0528C 30C3010083-2
1.0529StE 350Z535ODG10147
1.0530D 30-2C32D10016-2
1.0533ZSt 50-2E295GC10025
1.0535C 55C5510083-2
1.0539StE 355535 5NH12010-1
1.0540C 50C5010083-2
1.0541D 40-2C42D10016-2
1.0543ZSt 60-2E355GC10025
1.0545tE 355S355N10113-2
1.0546TStE 355S355NL10113-2
1.0549TStE 355S355NLH10210-1
1.0553St 52-3 US355JO10025
1.0554K,Q,Z St 52-3 US355JOC10025
1.0562StE 355P355N10028-3
1.0565WStE 355P355NH10028-3
1.0566TStE 355P355NL110028-3
1.0569K,Q,Z St 52-3 NS355J2G3C10025
1.0570St 52-3 NS355J2G310025
1.0576RoSt 52-3S355J2H10210-1
1.0578StE 360.7 TML36OMB10208-2
1.0582StE 360.7L36ONB10208-2
1.0585St 52-3 Cu 3S355J2G3Cu10025
1.0586D 50-2C50D10016-2
1.0588D 53-2C52D10016-2
1.0601C 60C6010083-2
1.0609D 58-2C58D10016-2
1.0610D 60-2C60D10016-2
1.0611D 63-2C62D10016-2
1.0612D 65-2C66D10016-2
1.0613D 68-2C68D10016-2
1.0614D 75-2C76D10016-2
1.0615D 70-2C70D10016-2
Nº Material
EN 10027-2
DIN V17006-100
EN 10027-1
Rule EN
1.0616D 85-2C86D10016-2
1.0617D 73-2C72D10016-2
1.0618D 95-2C92D10016-2
1.0620D 78-2C78D10016-2
1.0622D 80-2C80D10016-2
1.0626D 83-2C82D10016-2
1.0628D 88-2C88D10016-2
1.0633SZt 70-2E360GC10025
1.0971QStE 260 NS260NC10149-3
1.0972QStE 300 TMS315MC10149-2
1.0973QStE 300 NS315NC10149-3
1.0976QStE 360 TMS355MC10149-2
1.0977QStE 360 NS355NC10149-3
1.0980QStE 420 TMS420MC10149-2
1.0981QStE 420 NS420NC10149-3
1.0982QStE 460 TMS460MC10149-2
1.0984osis 500 TMS500MC10149-2
1.0986QStE 550 TMS550MC10149-2
1.1104EStE 285P275NL210028-3
1.1106EStE 355P355NL210028-3
1.1149Cm 22C22R10083-1
1.1151Ck 22C22E10083-1
1.1158Ck 25C25E10083-1
1.1163Cm 25C25R10083-1
1.117028 Mn 628Mn610083-1
1.1178Ck 30C30E10083-1
1.1179Cm 30C30R10083-1
1.1180Cm 35C35R10083-1
1.1181Ck 35C35E10083-1
1.1186Ck 40C40E10083-1
1.1189Cm 40C40R10083-1
1.1191Ck 45C45E10083-1
1.1201Cm 45C45R10083-1
1.1202D 53-3C52D210016-4
1.1203Ck 55C55E10083-1
1.1206Ck 5OC50E10083-1
1.1209Cm 55C55R10083-1
1.1212D5 8-3C58D210016-4
1.1220D 55-3C56D210016-4
1.1221Ck 6OC60E10083-1
1.1222D 63 -3C62D210016-4
1 1223Cm 60C60R10083-1
1.1228D 60 -3C60D210016-4
1.1232D6 8-3C68D210016-4
1.1236D 65 -3C66D210016-4
1.1241Cm 50C50R10083-1
1 1242D 73 -3C72D210016-4
1.1252D7 8-3C78D210016-4
1.1253D 75 -3C76D210016-4
1.1255D 80 -3C80D210016-4
1.1262D 83 -3C82D210016-4
1.1265D 85 -3C86D210016-4
1.1272D8 8-3C88D210016-4
1.1282D 95 -3C92D210016-4
1.4301X5 CrNi 18 10X4CrNi18-1010088
1.4541X6 CrNiTi 18 10X6CrNiTi18-1010088
1.541515 Mo 316Mo310028-2
1.553021 MnB 520MnB510083-3
1.553130 MnB 530MnB510083-3
1.553238 MnB 538MnB510083-3
1.563110 N i 1412Ni1410028-4
1.5662X 8 Ni 9X8Ni910028-4
1.568012 Ni 19X12Ni510028-4
1.703541 Cr 441Cr410083-1
1.721825 CrMo 425CrMo410083-1
1.722034 CrMo 434CrMo410083-1
1.722542 CrMo 442CrMo410083-1
1.722634 CrMoS 434CrMoS410083-1
1.722742 CrMoS 442CrMoS410083-1
1.733513 CrMo 4 413CrMo4-510028-2
1.738010 CrMo 9 1010CrMo9-1010028-2
1.8823StE 355 TMS355M10113-3
1.8825StE 420 TMS420M10113-3
1.8827StE 460 TMS460M10113-3
1.8834TStE 355 TMS355ML10113-3
1.8836TStE 420 TMS420ML10113-3
1.8838TStE 460 TMS460ML10113-3
1.8901StE 460S460N10113-2
1.8902StE 420S420N10113-2
1.8903TStE 460S460NL10113-2
1.8905StE 460P460N10028-3
1.8912TStE 420S420NL10113-2
1.8915TStE 460P460NL110028-3
1.8918EStE 460P460NL210028-3
1.8925EStE 890 VS890QL110137-2
1.8928T5SE 690 VS690QL10137-2
1.8931StE 690 VS690Q10137-2
1.8933TStE 960 VS960QL10137-2
1.8935WStE 460P460NH10028-2
1.8953StE 460S460NH10210-1
1.8956TStE 460S460NLH10210-1
1.8961WTSt 37-3S235J2W10155
1.8963WTSt 52-3S355J2G1W10155
1.8983TStE 890 VS890QL10137-2
1.8988EStE 690 VS690QL10137-2

icon-pdf-download.png Approximate equivalences between quality steel standards (115KB)

At the moment we do not have a stainless steel table, but you can find a wide catalog of Corten steel, carbon steel, laminated steel and structural steel. In short, a great variety of types of steel and different compositions of steel.

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Structural steel not alloyed (EN10025-2:2004)

This table shows the equivalences between the standards for unalloyed structural steels. Find the relationship between European, German, British and American standards for both the main unalloyed structural steels and for special or more difficult-to-find steels.

EN 10025-2:2004EN 10025:1993DIN 17100:1983UNE 36080:1990NFA 35-501BS 4360:1996UN 7070ASTM
S235JRS235JRG2ST 37-2AE 235 B-FNE 24-240 BFE 360 B 
S235J0S235J0St 37-3 UAE 235 CE 24-340 CFe 360 C 
 S235J2+NS235J2G3St 37-3NAE 235 DE 24-440 DFe 360 D 
S275JRS275JRSt 44-2AE 275 BE 28-243 BFe 430 BA36
S2375J0S275J0St 44-3 UAE 275 CE 28-343 CFe 430 CA 283-D
S275J2+NS275J2G3St 44-3 NAE 275 DE 28-443 DFe 430 D 
S355JRS355JR AE 355 BE 36-250 BFe 510 BA 572-50
S355J0S355J0St 52-3 UAE 355 CE 36-350 CFe 510 CA 633-C
S355J2+NS355J2G3St 52-3 NAE 355 D 50 DFe 510 DA 633-D
S355K2+NS355K2G3  E 36-450 DD  
S185S185St 33A 310-0A 33 Fe 320 
E295S295St 50-2A 490A 50-2 Fe 490 
E335S335St 60-2A 590A 60-2   
E360S360St 70-2A 690A 70-2 Fe 690 
icon-pdf-download.png Unalloyed structural steels (EN10025-2: 2004) (66KB)

Fine grain structural steels (EN10025-3:2004)

Urssa has developed a list of fine-grained structural steels so that you can find the most common nomenclatures for this type of steels. This table allows you to find the relationship between the steel standards.

EN 10025-3:2004EN 10113-2:1993DIN 17102:1983UNE 36081:1974NFA 36201:1992BS 4360:1990UNSS 14
S275NS275NStE 285AE 285 Kg/AE 285 KG  FeE275 KG N 
S275NLS355NT StE 285AE 285 KT 43 RRFeE275 KT N 
S355NS355NStE 355AE 355 KG/AE E 355 R FeE355 KG N2134-01
S355NLS355 NLT StE 355AE 355 KTE355 FP50 EEFeE355 KT N2135-01
S420NS420NStE 420AE 420 Kg/AE E 420 R   
S420NLS 420 NLT StE 20AE 420 KTE 420 FP   
S460NS 460 NStE 460AE 460 Kg/AEE 460 R FeE460 KG N 
S 460 NLS420NLT StE 460AE 460 KTE 460 FP55 EEFeE460 KT N 
icon-pdf-download.png List of weldable fine grain structural steels (EN10025-3: 2004) (64KB)

Termo mechanical rolled steels (EN10025-4:2004)

The comparison between steel standards is essential for good structural and mechanical component design. Find here the designation and nomenclature of the steel you need to include it with the standard that your project contemplates.

EN10025-4:2004EN 10113-3:1993EN 113-72SEW 083UN
S275MS275MFe275 KG TM Fe 275 KG TM
S275MLS275MLF2755 KT TM FeE275 KT TM
S355MS355MFeE355 KG TMStE 355 TMFeE355 KG TM
S355MLS355MLFeE355 KT TMT StE 355 TMFeE355 KT TM
S420MS420MFeE420 KG TMStE 420 TM 
S420MLS420MLFeE420 KT TMT StE 420 TM 
S460MS460MFeE460 KG TMStE 460 TMFeE460 KG TM
S460MLS460MLFeE460 KT TMT StE 460 TMFeE460 KT TM
icon-pdf-download.png Thermo-mechanically rolled structural steels (EN10025-4: 2004) (64KB)

Steels with resistance to atmospherically corrosion (EN10025-5:2004)

Find the relationships between similar standards for steels resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Nomenclatures of the main types of corten steel:

EN 10025-5:2004EN 10155:1993DIN 17119:1984UNE 36042:1984NFA 35 502:1984BS 4360:1990
S235J0WS235J0W AE 235 WCE 24W 3 
S235J2WS235J2WW St 37-3AE 235 WDE 24W4 
S355J0WPS355J0WP AE 355 W1CE 36WA 3WR 50A
S355J2WPS355J2WP AE 355 W1DE 36WA 4 
S355J0WS355J0W AE 355 W2CE 36W B 3WR 50B
S355J2WS355J2G2WW St 52-3AE 355 W2DE 36W B 4WR 50C
S355J2W+NS355J2G1W AE 355 W3DE 36W B 4 
icon-pdf-download.png Table of steels with resistance to atmospheric corrosion (EN10025-5: 2004) (64KB)

Alloyed and not alloyed steels for temperature and pressure (EN10028-2:2003)

The evolution of the steel regulations makes it difficult to find the relationship between the different qualities in some groups of steels. Here you will find a table of steel equivalences to download.

EN 10028-2:2003Nº material EN 10207:1997EN 10207:1991ASTMJIS G3115
P235GH1.0345  A285 gr. C / A414-CSPV 24
P265GH1.0425  A414 gr. E 
P295GH1.0481  A299 / A414 gr. F 
P355GH1.0473  A414 gr. GSPV 36
16 Mo 31.5415  A204-B 
13 CrMo 4 51.7335  A387-11-2 
10CrMo 9-101.7380A387-22
icon-pdf-download.png Alloy and unalloyed steels for temperature and pressure (EN10028-2: 2003) (64KB)

Welding fine grain steels normalized for pressure conditions (EN 10028-3:2003)

Know which designation corresponds to each of the specific steels for boilers or pressure vessels. Find the relationship between the material number and the nomenclature of the steel.

EN 10028-3:2003
Nº material EN 10207:1997EN 10207:1991ASTMJIS G3115
P355N1.0562  A737 gr. B 
P355NH1.0565  A737 gr. B 
P460NH1.8935  A737 gr. C 
icon-pdf-download.png Fine-grained weldable steels under normalized conditions for pressure (EN 10028-3: 2003) (97KB)

International Standards Comparison Table

The main standards for steel elements or plates are European and American standards. Find your ASTM and EN equivalent.

No. of MaterialSymbolic ENDIN designationEN StandardASTM equivalentGrade
1.0038S235JRSt 37-2EN 10025-2A 283B - C
1.0044S275JRSt 44-2EN 10025-2A36-
1.0045S355JR-EN 10025-2A 283D
1.0570S355J2St 52-3 NEN 10025-2A 57370
1.0425P265GHH IIEN 10028-2A 285C
1.0481P295GH17 Mn4EN 10028-2A 51570
1.0487 / 88P275NH / NL2TStE 285EN 10028-3A51660
1.0473P355GH19 Mn 6EN 10028-2A 51670
1.0566P355NL1T StE 355EN 10028-3A 51670
1.541516 Mo315 Mo 3EN 10028-2A 204A + B + C + D
1.7335 13CrMo4-513 CrMo 4-5 (4-4)EN 10028-2A 38711  Cl. 2
1.733613CrMoSi5-513CrMoSi 5-5EN 10028-2A 38712 Cl. 2
1.738010 CrMo 9-1010 CrMo 9-10EN 10028-2A 38722 Cl. 2
1.8915P460NL1T StE 460EN 10028-3A 57265
1.713116 MnCr 516 MnCr 5EN 10084A 5195120
1.714720 MnCr 520 MnCr 5EN 10084A 5195120
1.721825 CrMo 425 CrMo 4EN 10083A 5194130
1.722542 CrMo 442 CrMo 4EN 10083-3A 5194140
icon-pdf-download.png Comparative table of international quality steels standards (110KB)

Note: these equivalences are merely indicative. Any substitution of grades must be approved by competent technicians.

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