Corten steel

Corten Steel is a type of steel with a very characteristic orange appearance.

The chemical composition of corten steel allows its oxidation to have specific characteristics that protect the pieces made with this material from corrosion caused by being exposed to the weather, ensuring that its mechanical characteristics are not lost and giving it a very special appearance. characteristic that is highly appreciated by architects and sculptors in public works.

Cor-ten Steel (or commonly called Corten Steel) has a high content of copper, chromium and nickel that makes it acquire a characteristic reddish orange color and that make the surface oxide layer that forms in non-stainless steels have special characteristics, which makes this surface oxide layer have a self-protective action of the oxide inside.

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Oxycut on demand

Oxycut on demand

We cut your steel plates starting from your plans with absolute accuracy. An added service which allows collecting the product ready to be used.

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Special steel plates

Special steel plates

Wide stock in steel plates with a thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 400mm and different types. Ask us for more information.

steel sheet corten

Steel sheet corten

Wide range of thicknesses, from 1mm to 80mm thickness. Oxcut custom made from 8mm to more than 500mm thick