The oxycutting technique is an auxiliary welding process, by which metals can be sectioned by means of local and continuous combustion in the presence of any combustible gas (acetylene, hydrogen, propane, coal, tetrene or crylene) in combination with pure oxygen ( in percentages greater than 99%).

This cutting technique was developed at the beginning of the 19th century and has been used to this day in countless industrial applications for the preparation of the edges to be welded.

Oxycut phases

The flame cutting consists of two stages: Preheating and Cutting


In the first preheating phase the flame reaches temperatures between 2425 ºC and 3320 ºC, depending on the type of combustible gas and the richness of oxygen in the mixture.


In the second phase, an oxygen current cuts the metal and eliminates the iron oxides produced

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Oxycut on demand

Oxycut on demand

We cut your steel plates starting from your plans with absolute accuracy. An added service which allows collecting the product ready to be used.

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Special steel plates

Special steel plates

Wide stock in steel plates with a thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 400mm and different types. Ask us for more information.

steel sheet corten

Steel sheet corten

Wide range of thicknesses, from 1mm to 80mm thickness. Oxcut custom made from 8mm to more than 500mm thick