Wear resistant steel

The groups of steels that have high hardness and mechanical properties that make it possible to extend the useful life of equipment in sliding, impact and friction applications are often called wear steels.

Wear steel manifests itself in different ways and each one of them affects the life span of the application in a different way.

Steels that have a high hardness and resistance to wear by impact or friction are called "Anti-wear steels"

There are several common types of wear are sliding wear and impact and / or friction wear.

A group of wear resistant steels are austenitic steels, made into wear plates for rock processing machinery, crushers, and electric shovels.

Another group of antiwear steels are the abrasion resistant steels of the Raex @ range. Raex 400, Raex 450 y Raex 500

RAEX 450 - Abrasion resistant steel
RAEX 5RAEX 500. Abrasion resistant steel

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Special steel plates

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