Ballistic steels

Ballistic steel or also other names such as: armored steel, protection steel or "bulletproof" steel is as its name indicates, a steel that offers superior protection to other common steels against external threats in the form of projectiles or violent impacts.

In general, ballistic steels are defined by their hardness, which in most cases is measured and classified according to the Brinell hardness (HB) scale.

Explosion protection steels are steels in the 370-460 Brinell range. They are specifically designed to protect against high energy impacts and waves. Currently, the majority of blast protection steels used are 440 Brinell, which offers a good combination of toughness and toughness.

High Hardness Armor (HHA): 500 Brinell steel (477-540 HB)

High hardness armor steels (HHA or HH) are the most common worldwide and their properties were originally defined according to the US military standard MIL-DTL-46100.

Ballistic steels applications:

  • Civil vehicles.
  • Transport of values.
  • Military vehicles and equipment.
  • Security doors and window frames.
  • Exchange house windows.
  • Security containers.
  • Shooting galleries
MARS. Bulletproof steel

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