Boiler steels

El Boiler steels It is mainly made of specially hot-rolled, low-alloy carbon steel. This type of boiler steel is manufactured for the most important parts of the boilers such as: the boiler casing, the drum, the head cover and the hanger. Boiler steel plate material is usually medium / thick and has to be very heat resistant.

Boilers, in addition to being subjected to very high temperatures and pressures, are also subject to impacts, corrosion from water or gas, and fatigue loads. Therefore, boiler steel must have good mechanical and processability properties and strictly comply with technical regulations.

Materials used in boiler steel

Two types of materials are commonly used: special carbon steel and low-alloy heat-resistant steel. It is worth mentioning that they must have strict control over the chemical composition of harmful elements such as sulfur and phosphorus and as well as residual elements such as chromium, nickel and copper.

Sorted by application

According to the different working conditions, the steel plates of the boiler can be divided into two categories:

  • Steel plates for pressure parts of ambient temperature medium temperature below the yield point): They are mainly made of carbon steel, including carbon steel, carbon-manganese steel, carbon-manganese-silicon steel, etc. ,
  • Steel plates for high temperature pressure parts: Carbon, manganese and silicon steel plate for pressure vessels, etc.

Characteristics of boiler steels:

  • Higher resistance at room temperature
  • Good impact toughness and low notch sensitivity
  • Because the large amount of cold deformation required for drum processing, etc., it also has good aging toughness
  • Good processability and weldability

Some of URSSA's boiler steels

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