Steels in motorcycling engineering

How are steels used in a mechanical fabrication project?

At present, engineering projects are developed by generating a 3D design through mechanical design programs. Once the parts and components have been determined, the mechanical manufacturing stage is carried out.

At this point begins the entire part of raw material purchases, machining, laser cutting ... and a host of other operations. It is here where to count on good suppliers of special steels since they will make the difference in specialized engineering projects.

Aceros URSSA collaboration with Motorsport

One more year Aceros URSSA. has collaborated in the sponsorship of the MOTORSPORT team made up of students from the ETSEIB (UPC), providing raw materials such as plates and blocks of special steel. This year the MotorStuden team has competed with a 100% electric motorcycle.

From Aceros URSSA we have conducted an interview with a representative of the team to ask in which pieces Aceros Urssa special steels have been used and what their experience has been during mechanical manufacturing.

What parts are developed with Special Steels in motorcycle design?

Tooling Material

Motorsport: To begin with, the first collaboration that we carried out with URSSA steels consisted of some steel blocks that we later mechanized to make tools that would serve as a clamp to carry out tensile tests on specimens of different carbon fiber laminates.

Material for laser cutting

Motorsport: Later, the company provided us with a series of steel plates that we would use to make different basic pieces that we might need during the manufacturing process.

Gearbox material

Motorsport: For the gearbox we asked for some tool steel plates since their characteristics were very similar to what we were looking for, from these we cut the sprockets that would be responsible for the transmission between the engine, the gearbox and the wheel.

Gearbox material

Motorsport: We were also provided with a significant quantity of blocks and steel plates to make the benches that would be used to weld the motorcycle's chassis.

Similar to the previous need, we were also provided with plates to make a bench where the engine could be anchored in order to test its power delivery before mounting it on the motorcycle.

What advantages have you noticed when working with special steels instead of the usual steels in the sector?

In our case we have not worked with many pieces for which special materials are needed. In the case of the benches, the only thing that interested us was that it was a steel that was easy to weld and that it had a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

In the case that if it helped us a lot, it was when we thought about the gearbox pinions since we needed a steel that could be cemented and partly that the steel was resistant to withstand the wear to which these parts are subjected due to friction constant suffering when they work.

What does Acero Urssa contribute to motorcycling mechanical manufacturing engineering?

Aceros Urssa is the supplier of special steels that will supply you with both high mechanical resistance steel and high temperature resistant steel… In motorbike design engineering you can count on the following contributions:

  • Structure / Chassis -> High elastic limit steels (Up to 1200 MPa): This option offers the design a considerable weight reduction and a substantial increase in the mechanical resistance limit, making the structure more suitable for competition.
  • Gears -> 42CrMo4 hardened steel: This option increases gear life by decreasing fatigue wear during tooth contact with each revolution.

If you have any questions about the use of high strength steels or tempered steels, do not hesitate to write to us and we will advise you on the best steel for your project.

The ePRO2

This motorcycle encompasses the work of a whole team made up of future mechanical, electronic, electrical and materials engineers who have contributed the maximum possible effort to develop a 100% electric competition motorcycle which greatly improves the performance of the previous prototype.

This success has been achieved thanks to the restructuring of the battery pack to improve cooling and progress in the prototype electronics. Thus, improving mechanical aspects such as aerodynamics together with the aluminum double beam chassis , the set takes advantage of engine speed and performance through the use of a 3-speed gearbox .

Moto eléctrica 100% ePRO2

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Special steel plates

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