Bar turning steel

Bar turning steel is a type of steel that is usually used for the manufacture of parts for the mechanical industry. It is characterized by its high resistance and hardness, which makes it an ideal material for the creation of parts that require precision and durability.


Blocking steel is composed primarily of iron and carbon, although it can also include other elements such as nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. The quantity of each element varies according to the specification of the final product and the needs of the manufacturer.


The manufacturing process of bar-turning steel is similar to that of other types of steel. First, the components are cast and poured into molds to shape the part. The part is then cooled and subjected to a heat treatment process to improve its mechanical properties and strength.


The bar-turning steel is characterized by its high hardness and resistance to abrasion, which makes it ideal for parts that must withstand heavy loads and constant wear. It also has a good resistance to corrosion, which makes it a durable and resistant material over time.


Bar steel is used in a wide variety of applications in the mechanical industry, including the manufacture of parts for heavy machinery, cutting tools, screws, nuts and other precision parts. Due to its resistance and durability, it is a highly appreciated material in the industry and is widely used in the manufacture of parts for sectors such as the automotive industry, aeronautics, construction and engineering.

In short, bar turning steel is a high quality and durable material that is widely used in the manufacture of parts for the mechanical industry. Its composition, manufacturing and characteristics make it ideal for applications that require precision, resistance and durability, making it an essential material for modern industry.

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