URSSA CORTEN. Stops corrosion

Corten steel resistant to weathering, for architecture, sculpture, decoration, facades and construction.

More details

Soldering:  Excellent
Folded:  Excellent
Transformation:  Excellent
Mechanization:  Excellent

General specifications*

C ≤ 0,16. Si ≤ 0,75. Mn 0,50-1,50. P ≤ 0,035. S ≤ 0,035. Cr 0,40-0,80. Cu 0,25-0,55.
Rm470-680 N/mm2. ReH≥ 350 N/mm2. A ≥ 20 %. Dureza Brinell160/190.


By the chemical composition, after a certain period it forms a self-defense layer in the surface that stops the corrosion progress in industrial or urban ambience. In marine environments the corrosion attack is slower than in the rest of carbon steel. On average, the resistance to the atmospheric corrosion is four times superior to the ordinary steel, presenting A quality a behavior greater than B quality.
When the abrasion is in damp environment, its behavior is far superior to other steels of the same resistance.
The self-defense layer gives a very usable aspect of decoration, facades or roofs uncoated. By persisting with its characteristics during a long time it does not require maintenance. In thickness less to 5mm, it is advisable to superficially protect the sheets, without warranting the behavior of the steel when it is used directly against to the atmospheric agents.

Typical applications

Cement industry, silos, hoppers, screening machine, pipes, coal washeries, water storages, petrol, and fuel-oil. Metallic buildings, bridges, structures, façade of buildings, metallic door.
Mixers, cranes, scoops. Railway wagons, truck chassis, tilting, cisterns, semitrailers.


Good for any of the procedures of structural steels. To make the welding cord also resistance to the corrosion, It should be used a filler material with a content of 2,5% of Ni with an approximated or similar composition of the base metal. In a weak and medium thickness it can be used OERLIKON type TENCOR-TI electrodes, as OK7308.

Trials analyses chemical composition. According to EN10025-5:2004


Desoxidation status

C % máx.Si % máx.Mn %P % b)S
% máx. b)

Addition of holding elements of N

Cr %Cu %Others

According to

EN 10027-1
and CR 10260

According to

EN 10027-2

S235J0W S235J2W1.8958 1.8961FN FF0,130,75 0,75Máx.1,0 Máx.1,0Máx. 0,0350,035 0,0300,009 d) g)– Si0,40-0,800,25-0,55e)
S355J0WP S355J2WP1.8945 1.8946FN FF0,120,50 0,500,50-1,50 0,50-1,50Máx. 0,040 Máx. 0,0350,040 0,0350,009 g)– Si0,30-1,250,25-0,55e)
S355J0W S355J2W S355K2W1.8959 1.8965 1.8967FN FF FF0,160,500,50-1,50Máx. 0,035 Máx. 0,030 Máx. 0,0300,035 0,035 0,0350,009 d) g) – –– Si Si0,40-0,800,25-0,55e) f)

a) FN= Not allowed effervescent steel; FF= Completely calm steel.

b) For long products the content of P and S could be a 0,005% superior.

c) The steels should contain, at least, one of the following elements: Total ≥ 0,020%; Nb: 0,015%-0,060%; V:0,02%-0,12%; Ti: 0,02%-0,10%. If these elements are used combined, at least, one of them must be present in the minimum amount mention.

d) Shall be permitted to exceed the specified values on condition that for each increase of 0,001% of N, the maximum content of P Is reduced in 0,005%; anyway, the N quantity of the trial analysis should not exceed 0,012%.

e) The steels can present a maximum Ni content of 0,65%

f) The steels can present a maximum Mo content of the 0,30% and Zr content of 0,15%.

g) The maximum nitrogen value is not applied if the Al content is at very least of 0,020% or when there are other fasteners of N in sufficient content. In this case the N fasteners should be indicated in the inspection document.

Mechanical characteristics of flat and long products. According to EN10025-5:2004


Minimum elastic limit ReH a)

MPa b)

Nominal thickness mm

Traction resistance Rm 1) N/mm2

Nominal thickness mm
Test tube orientationMinimum lengthening in the break a) %

Lo = 80 mm Nominal thickness mm

(Lo = 5,65 √So)
Nominal thickness mm

EN 10027-1
y CR 10260
EN 10027-2
≤ 16> 16 ≤ 40> 40 ≤ 63> 63 ≤ 80> 80 ≤ 100> 100 ≤ 150≤ 3≥ 3 ≤ 100> 100 ≤ 150> 1,5 ≤ 2> 2 ≤ 2,5> 2,5 ≤ 3> 3 ≤ 40> 40 ≤ 63> 63 ≤ 100> 100 ≤ 150
S235J0W S235J2W1.8958 1.8961235225215215215195360-510360-510350-500l t19 1720 1821 1926 2425 2324 2222 22
S355J0WP S355J2WP1.8945 1.8946355345 c)510-680470-630 c)l t16 1417 1518 1622 c) 20– –– –– –
S355J0W S355J2W S355K2W1.8959 1.8965 1.8967355345335325315295510-680470-630450-600l t16 1417 1518 1622 2021 1920 1818 18

a) For sheets, sashes and width plans with width ≥ 600mm we apply the transversal direction in the sense of lamination. For the other products, the values are applied in the parallel direction of the lamination.

b) 1MPa = 1 N/mm2.


  • For flat products: apply until 12mm.
  • For long products: apply until 40mm.


Additionally, this steel has more resistance to high temperatures than ordinary steel.

Elastic Limit

+23 ºC+200 ºC+300 ºC+400 ºC+500 ºC+600 ºC
4 mm421 N/mm2350 N/mm2330 N/mm2300 N/mm2253 N/mm2195 N/mm2
5 mm410 N/mm2350 N/mm2330 N/mm2300 N/mm2250 N/mm2180 N/mm2
6 mm397 N/mm2347 N/mm2328 N/mm2280 N/mm2224 N/mm2152 N/mm2
8 mm430 N/mm2370 N/mm2350 N/mm2320 N/mm2300 N/mm2200 N/mm2
VALOR MEDIO414 N/mm2354 N/mm2334 N/mm2300 N/mm2257 N/mm2182 N/mm2

Mechanical resistance

+23 ºC+200 ºC+300 ºC+400 ºC+500 ºC+600 ºC
4 mm534 N/mm2479 N/mm2480 N/mm2463 N/mm2391 N/mm2259 N/mm2
5 mm530 N/mm2465 N/mm2450 N/mm2430 N/mm2383 N/mm2240 N/mm2
6 mm515 N/mm2482 N/mm2484 N/mm2451 N/mm2398 N/mm2235 N/mm2
8 mm540 N/mm2460 N/mm2440 N/mm2400 N/mm2360 N/mm2226 N/mm2
VALOR MEDIO530 N/mm2471 N/mm2463 N/mm2436 N/mm2383 N/mm2240 N/mm2

Stock Program

  • Large range of densities and formats from 1 to 80mm thickness.
  • Coils from 0,5 mm thickness, according to the production program.
  • Cold rolling from 1mm to 2,5 mm.
  • Platens: Please, refer to our stock, as well as laminating (5 Tm/ size minimum).
  • Check our stock in the warehouse for each supply, as if delivery period for formats not available.
  • We also serve parts of sheet, cut in multiples lengths of 1000mm maintaining the width.
  • Oxycut of tailor-made pieces from 8 to over than 500 mm thickness.

The grades S 355 and S 355 J2 J2 G1W G2W are similar. the same type of steel for the manufacture of these qualities and values identical composition is used chemical and mechanical characteristics. Currently, the Standard EN10025-5: 2004 recasts both grades under the same name, which happens to be: S 355 J2 W + N.

* The specifications are illustrative. For each supply we offer a certificate with the datum of the shipment delivered.

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