STRENX 700 MC. High strenght steel

Formable steel high elastic limit for all types of load-bearing structures

More details

Soldering: Excellent
Folded: Excellent
Transformation: Excellent
Mechanization: Excellent

General specifications *:

C ≤ 0,12. Si ≤ 0,21. Mn ≤ 2,10. P ≤ 0,020. S ≤ 0,010. Al ≤ 0,015. Nb ≤ 0,09. V ≤ 2,0. Ti ≤ 0,15. CEV.: 0,25/0,39.
Rm: 750/950 N/mm2. ReH ≥ 700 N/mm2. As: 10-12 %. Charpy impact: 40J a -20ºC / 27J a -40ºC.


Strenx ® 700 MC are structural laminated boil steel, with a minimum elastic limit of 700 MPa (N/mm2).
Meets the requirements of EN 10149-2 norm for the S700MC degree.

The application specially for load-bearing and support structures with tough demands, where comes first the resistance with weight reduction: telescopic cranes, air platforms, concrete pumps, dump trucks, handlers, etc.

Provide the following benefits, among others:

  • Better bending and superficial quality
  • Soldering with excellent resistance and tenacity
  • Excellent regularity, with very required tolerance
  • High tenacity against impact that provide resistance to breaking


Strenx 700 MC steels are produced thermo-mechanically in coils and are delivered in cut plates./p>

Superficial finish:
In accordance to EN 10163-2 A class, 3 subclass.

Dimensional tolerances:
Flatness upper to EN 10051
Measurements according to EN 10051


Appropriate steels for soldering by general techniques, with a hot limited contribution, according to manufacturer indications.


Minimum radius of longitudinal and transversal curvature (R), according to the thickness (e):
For e ≤ 3 mm, R = 0,8xe
For 3 mm < e ≤ 6mm, R=1,2xe
For e > 6 mm, R = 1,6xe

TRANSFORMATION (hot deformation)

Good compliance.
It is not appropriate for treatment in warmly or mechanization over the 580 ºC, temperature that already affects on his mechanical properties.

Supply program

  • Large range of thickness and formats:
  • From 2 to 10mm, with width until 1.600mm, lengths until 16.000mm under request.
  • Ask for our store stock for every supply as well as the delivery time for non available formats:
  • We also supply sheet pieces, cut to multiple lengths of 1.000 mm. maintaining the width.
  • Oxycut pieces draw from measures from 6-8mm thickness.

* The general specifications are illustrative. For each supply is offered a certificate with the guaranteed data for the delivering lines.

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Oxycut on demand

Oxycut on demand

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Special steel plates

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Steel sheet corten

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