MARS. Bulletproof Steel

Civilian and military armor, military vehicles, armored cars, shooting galleries and anti-shock protection.

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Steels specially designed for bulletproof in civilian or military applications.
Its composition provides a high protection with a significant minor weight.

MARS® from INDUSTEEL protection steels are worldwide recognized for the exceptional characteristics and for the quality of its production and manufacturer service.

Specially geared for a high impact resistance and projectiles penetration, MARS ® steels, has all been tested against the aggressive calibers to offer the most accurate protection.

Civilian applications

Vehicle, armored vans, high safety doors and windows for jewelry, banks and observation point protection.

Military applications

Veneering and floors of light and heavy vehicles frameworks, vessels construction, observation points, ammunition testing’s, explosions protection, bulletproof protection pieces and important shielding military applications.

Range of protection steels

ProtectionNomenclatureBrinell hardnessSupply conditionsSpecificationsApplications

Homogenous rolled steel armor


MARS® 380

(Old 190)

≤ 400Q + T Ni Cr Mo 0,25 CNF A 36-800-CLA Mil-A-12560 Cl1-2-3 TL 2350 0000 DEF Stan 95-24

Vehicle structures.
Frigate and vessels constructions.
Observation points.
Ammunition tests.

Steel armor hardness medium-high

MARS® 440

(Old 220)

400-480Q + T Ni Cr 0,20 CNF A 36-800-THD1 Mil-12560 Cl 4a TL 2350 - Calidad O DEF Stan 95-24

Explosions protection.
Vehicles underneath.

High hardness steel armor


MARS® 500

(Old 240)

477-534Q + T Ni Cr Mo 0,28 CNF A 36-800-THD2 Mil-A-46100 TL 2350 - Calidad Z DEF Stan 95-24

Light and medium vehicle structures.
Ballistic protection accessories and amours supplements.
Bulletproof vest and security vans.
Doors and windows constructions.

Very high hardness steel armors

MARS® 600 
(Old 300)
578-655Q + T Ni Mo 0,5 CNF A 36-800-THD4 Mil 32332 TL 2350 - Calidad T DEF Stan 95-24

Bulletproof protection accessories, amours pieces and bulletproof
Heavy amours for MBT protection.

MARS® 600578-6320,43 C

Civilian applications

Industeel classProtection LevelCalibre and projectile typeProyectile weightProyectil speed (a 2,5 m distance)Wide range of testsMinimum width for protection
MARS® 500 (Old 240)
3.0EN 1522 FB3 NIJ 0108.01 level II.357 Magnum FMJ10,2 g157 gr430 m/s ±105 m2,3 mm
4.0EN 1522 FB4 NIJ 0108.01 level III A.357 Magnum FMJ10,2 g157 gr430 m/s ±105 m3/2,8 mm
.44 Magnum JHP15,6 g241 gr440 m/s ±105 m
4.1EN 1522 anex A (FB4+)7,62 x 39 mm M437,95 g123 gr705 m/s ±1010 m4 mm
5.0EN 1522 FB55,56 x 45 mm SS1094 g62 gr950 m/s ±1010 m6,5 mm
5.1EN 1522 FB5
+ 1mm mild steel
5,56 x 45 mm SS1094 g62 gr950 m/s ±1010 m7,5 mm
6.0≈NIJ 0108.01 level III7,62 x 51 mm9,5 g148 gr830 m/s ±1010 m6 mm
6.1EN 1522 FB65,56 x 45 mm SS1094 g62 gr350 m/s ±1010 m6,5 mm
7,62 x 51 mm9,5 g148 gr830 m/s ±1010 m
6.2EN 1522 anex A5,56 x 45 mm M 1933,6 g56 gr980 m/s ±1010 m9,8 mm
6.3EN 1522 anex A (FB6+)7,62 x 39 mm API7,7 g110 gr715 m/s ±1010 m12,5 mm
7.0EN 1522 FB77,62 x 51 mm AP9,8 g151 gr820 m/s ±1010 m15,5 mm
8.0NIJ 0108.01 level IV30AMP2 x 6310,8 g166 gr869 m/s ±1010 m18 mm

Military applications

LevelDanger KEMinimum width for protection
Calibre and projectilTest speed (±20 m/s)MARS® 380MARS® 500MARS® 600
37,62 x 51 mm AP WC (core de 8,4 g)930 m/s23 mm21,5 mm18 mm
37,62 x 51 mm API B32 (core de 10 g)854 m/s18 mm17 mm14 mm
27,62 x 39 mm API BZ (core de 7,8 g)695 m/s13,5 mm12,5 mm9 mm
27,62 x 51 mm NATO (9,7 g)833 m/s10,5 mm6,2 mm5,7 mm
15,56 x 45 mm NATO SS109 (4 g)900 m/s10,5 mm6,3 mm5,2 mm
15,56 x 45 mm 193 Ball (3,56 g)937 m/s10,5 mm9,3 mm7,2 mm


MARS® 380MARS® 440MARS® 500MARS® 600
Process guidelines< 190ºC< 200ºC< 150-170ºC
BladeOxicut, Plasma,
Laser without preheating
Oxicut, Plasma,
Laser without preheating
Oxicut, dry plasma, Laser without preheatingOxicut, Plasma,
Laser without preheating (recommended)
Radio de plegado (thickness)≥ 13 mm≥ 13 mm≥ 20 mmConsult
Bend radius in V (espesor)≥ 3 mm≥ 3,6 mm≥ 4 mm≥ 4 mm
radius 130th

Without preheating or Stress relieving.

Electric arc with bar 20-10-3 austenitic-ferritic.

MIG Soldering with wire 18-8 Mo.

Without preheating or Stress relieving.

Electric arc with bar 20-10-3 austenitic-ferritic.

MIG Soldering with wire 18-8 Mo Preheating 125ºC and post-treatment 150ºC

Without preheating or Stress relieving.

Electric arc with bar 20-10-3 austenitic-ferritic.

MIG Soldering with wire 18-8 Mo

Laser soldering recommended.

Screw is the better solution..

Filling with austenitic materials soldering (easy step), if necessary preheat, Keep in mind the HAZ design maintaining low the entrance of warm to reduce the HAZ.
HB Hardness352 to 277450500600
YS1000 MPa1150 MPa1250 MPa1450 MPa
UTS1150 MPa1450 MPa1700 MPa2150 MPa
El 5d15 %13 %12 %10 %
Charpy V -40ºT20 to 64 J 48 J28 J23 J

Stock programme

  • MARS® steels are manufactured in sheet room and coil:
    - In dimensions from 2.5 to 150 mm according to degrees and formats.
    - Dimensions of width from 1,000 to 2,500 mm and lengths from 1,600 to 8,100 mm, depending on grades and formats.
  • Dimensional and flatness tolerances in accordance with EN 10029.
  • Aceros URS, S.A. It has quality MARS ® 500 (formerly MARS ® 240), in stock (see formats and thicknesses)

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