URSSA HII P265GH. Steels for boilers and tanks

Steel for boilers and pressure vessels, resistant to ambient temperatures up to 300 ° C and stockings

More details

Soldering:  Excellent
Folded:  Excellent
Transformation:  Excellent
Mechanization:  Excellen

General specifications*

C ≤ 0,20. Mn 0,80-1,40. Si ≤ 0,40. P ≤ 0,025. S ≤ 0,010. Al ≤ 0,020. Cr ≤0,30. Cu ≤0,30.
ReH≥ 215 N/mm2. Rm410-530 N/mm2. A ≥ 21 %


Steels for pressure vessels, boilers and tanks at medium and ambient temperatures.

Supply status

Normalize and calmed.

Approximated equalization

UNE: 36087-79 / A 42 RCI / A 42 RCII
AFNOR: A-36-205 / A-42-CP
BS: 1501 / 161 Cr 400 B
ASTM: A 515 - 60
UNI: Fe-410-1Kw / Fe-410-2Kw

Mechanical characteristics

ReH min. in N/mm2Rm in N/mm2Lengthening % min.
Test tube Lo= 5do
Resilience min in Joules
≤ 16> 16 ≤ 40> 40 ≤ 60> 60 ≤ 100≤ 16> 16 ≤ 60≤ 16≤ 100≤ 60> 60 ≤ 100Temp. ºC≤ 60>60 ≤100

Stock Program

  • Large range of densities and formats from 3 to 100mm thickness.
  • Check our stock in the warehouse for each supply, as if delivery period for formats not available.
  • We also serve parts of sheet, cut in multiples lengths of 1000mm maintaining the width.
  • Oxycut of tailor-made pieces from 6-8 mm thickness.

* The specifications are illustrative. For each supply we offer a certificate with the datum of the shipment delivered.

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Oxycut on demand

Oxycut on demand

We cut your steel plates starting from your plans with absolute accuracy. An added service which allows collecting the product ready to be used.

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Special steel plates

Special steel plates

Wide stock in steel plates with a thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 400mm and different types. Ask us for more information.

steel sheet corten

Steel sheet corten

Wide range of thicknesses, from 1mm to 80mm thickness. Oxcut custom made from 8mm to more than 500mm thick