URSSA 13%Mn. Austenitic to manganese steel

Wear resistant. steel austenitic structure at room temperature, with approximate resistance of 100 kg / mm2 and elongation excellent toughness.

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Soldering:  Not admitted
Folded:  Not admitted
Transformation:  Not admitted
Mechanization:  Not admitted

General specifications*

C 1,10-1,30. Mn 12,0-13,0. Si 0,30-0,50. P ≤ 0,10. S ≤ 0,04. Cr ≤ 1,50. Carbono equivalente 1,35.
Rm900/1.000 N/mm2. ReH≥ 450 N/mm2. Dureza Brinell180/230Hb. Factor antidesgaste100.


Hammers, gags, cover plates in mills and grinders, cover in ball mills, grit machinery, excavator pieces, chains, mills, and hammers in the cement industry, ceramic and mining, railway switchgear, antirust sheets, etc.  
Pieces with a high antirust resistance under pressure or collision and with high tenacity. For a high resistance to rust during the service, in addition of abrasiveness should be exposed to collisions or pressures capable to originate a superficial acrimony.


Rust tough. It is provided. It is delivered with austenitic or hyper-temperate status, warm treatment that consists in heat over 1000ºC and fast cooling in water. This results in an austenitic structure of the steel in room temperature, with an approximate resistance of 100kg/mm² excellent tenacity and
lengthening. In its own surface, reach a rubbed acrimony or impact that gives it a great resistance to wear.
In laminated status, without austenitic heat softening, presents an austenite, cementite and ferrite structure, with tenacity and a very lower lengthening and with biggest fragility. Even so, the abrasion resistance is also good, although other characteristics like foldingbehavior are lower.


It can be weld by the arc with austenitic to manganese-nickel electrodes method, with a very short arc. By using 304L austenitic electrodes the thereof should be covered with electrodes of similar composition and with similar contents in Ni or Mo. Do not preheat.
Execute the soldering with the possible lower calorific values.


The mechanization of this sheet is difficult. With very little advanced hard metal, may be done little mechanizations. To improve this applies a weakening treatment in 600-650ºC. During 4 hours with a high air cooling. After the mechanization should therefore the austenitic treatment.

Warm treatment

Warm up: does not admit.
Heat softening weakening to improve the machinability: 600-650ºC. Maintaining 4 hours in air refrigeration.
Austenizing: 1.000-1.050ºC. Water quench check.

Stock Program

  • Large range of densities and formats from 2mm to 40mm.
  • Check our stock in the warehouse for each supply, as if delivery period for formats not available.
  • This type of sheet doesn't admit oxycut cuts.

* The specifications are illustrative. For each supply we offer a certificate with the datum of the shipment delivered.

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