URSSA BOR30. Boro steel

For agricultural machinery, molds, specialized caldereria, blades, coatings and wear parts.

More details

Soldering:  Excellent
Folded:  Excellent
Transformation:  Excellent
Mechanization:  Excellent

General specifications*

C ≤ 0,30. Mn ≤ 1,250. Si ≤ 0,250. P ≤ 0,025. S ≤ 0,005. Cr ≤ 0,500. Ti ≤ 0,030. B ≤ 0,002.
ReH≥ 381 N/mm2. Rm≥ 595 N/mm2. Dureza Brinell170Hb. Templado 50HRc. Templado y revenido 48HRc.

Typical application

Mining industry, public works, agricultural machinery, precast concrete walling moulds and specialized tank, etc.
And in all the constructive processes where resistance to wear and abrasion connected to a good tenacity and improve of the manufacture processes.


It is supplied without warm treatment. The URSSA BOR-30 steel uses the prominent properties of the boro steel to get the hardness characteristics that are demanded in the modern warm treatments with cost reductions. Boro has a leverage effect in consequence to be adding into a steel base suitably protected. The addition of only a 0,001% of soluble Boro produces an increase of the hardening comparable to the obtained with a 0,5% of manganese, chromium or molybdenum. Apart from provide a greater sheet setting, Boro doesn't affects too much to the ductility or to the toughness recently laminated, making easier the shaping process, die-cut, cold pressed without necessity of heat softening.
Is possible to work easily with the sheet in its status of supply: fold, stuff, stamp and weld, after that it’s enough to submit the finished pieces or the welded assemblies to a warm up and drawn stainless to get good mechanical hardness characteristics with an Important costs reductions.

On an informative level, the reached hardness control panel in hardening and drawn stainless test report in steel test tube of 6mm is:

Test tube Warm up temperatureDrawn stainleesHardness HRc
1750ºC500ºC33 a 35
2850ºC300ºC46 a 48
3900ºC200ºC48 a 51
4900ºC300ºC45 a 47


Before or after the warm up, using normal methods in the thin sheets without a previous preheating. In this case the hardness of the soldering is smaller than the soldering sheets, but there is a strong and flexible merger.
When the soldering should have the same wear resistance that the pieces, is recommended to use filler materials alloyed along the surface. When welding warm up steel, the heat-affected zone remains low about 100/150 Hb in an area from only a few millimeters thick.
Is advisable that the energy of the soldering are chosen in a way that t8/5 is from 10 to 20 seconds.


It is delivered in a warm way. The mechanization is easy before warming up and for having mechanical properties similar to the S355 structural sheet and it can also be used the same type of tools and speeds of mechanization.

Stock Program

  • Large range of densities and formats from 4mm to 20mm.
  • Check our stock in the warehouse for each supply, as if delivery period for formats not available.
  • We also serve parts of sheet, cut in multiples lengths of 1.000mm maintaining the width.
  • Oxycut of tailor-made pieces from 6-8 mm thickness.

* The specifications are illustrative. For each supply we offer a certificate with the datum of the shipment delivered.

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Oxycut on demand

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Special steel plates

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Steel sheet corten

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